The Beginning of the End

peaceful protestWhen people became more aware of the situation in South Africa, many people in other countries felt that they needed to help the cause and free those people that were stuck in prisons.  The unfairness of the situation seemed to finally be reaching people throughout the world because of the televised news coming from South Africa.

Many of the countries that were protesting the apartheid movement lived in countries where the governments were not helping and not meeting with ANC leaders.  Two of the main countries that this occurred in were the U.S. and U.K.  The people of these countries felt that they needed to show their governments how they felt about the situation because they knew that they could make a difference if enough people voiced their opinions.  This was taken seriously and these leaders needed to talk to Tambo as the protests rose from college campuses to city councils to the Congress and Senate.  The people of the United States were finally getting their voices heard and they were not going to back down until they got what they wanted and what they felt the people of South Africa deserved.Oliver-Tambo-and-Nelson-Mandela

The South African government knew that they were coming to the end of the apartheid because of all the propaganda and such that was out there.  However, they were not yet ready to let go, so they began to go into other African countries and begin kidnapping or killing leaders of the anti-apartheid movement.  Some of the countries included Mozambique and Lesotho, while waging a war in Angola.

As the South African government grew more and more anxious about losing their apartheid movement, they began to censor the media that was being released from the country.  This showed to the world that the government in South Africa was hiding something from them and something needed to be done to save these people.  Nelson Mandela’s name was used as a mantra and that was what people used to get through and remind themselves of what they were fighting for.

The people of these countries were not the only ones who were fighting against apartheid.  Many famous artists came together and put together a concert called Artists Against Apartheid. This was a great way to raise publicity after the South African government began censoring the media.  It put the anti-apartheid cause back into people’s minds and solidified what they were fighting for.


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