Grass roots and the UDF

Have You Heard From Johannesburg?, keeps showing me how strong the people of South Africa are, and how it only takes a small number of people to be strong for that strength to rub off on others, even people who have never met. One nation’s fight became the world’s battle. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it also wasn’t built by one person. Sometimes it takes the time and the effort of many for something seeming to be so obviously wrong to be righted.

Concert to Honor Nelson Mandela

Sometimes it’s the “little people” that make the biggest impact. The grass root movements within the western powers all started because of the citizens. The government wanted nothing to do with the ANC and Oliver Tambo, until the people of the grass root movement really started to show their support. They didn’t care if their government didn’t agree, they knew what was right and they were fighting for it just like the colored people of South Africa were fighting. In the United Kingdom there was even a concert held to raise more awareness and to show support for the anti-apartheid movement, along with Nelson Mandela. People were doing anything they could to show their anti-apartheid feelings, people who weren’t even alive when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned were showing their support and fighting for his release!

UDF-South Africa.png
United Democratic Front

The UDF, or the United Democratic Front, was in my eyes and from what I saw from watching the video, really a final push from the South Africans. It really seemed to me that they were giving all they had, all their energy, and working harder than ever to end the apartheid. It formed in the 1980’s and was originally just there to fight the ideas of tricameral Parliament that P.W. Botha was trying to put in place.

The UDF had such high enthusiasm, they showed no fear in a way. They showed that even though the government was against them that they wouldn’t stop. The Blacks and Indian people refused to vote, they refused to be bought by the apartheid regime.

'Democracy? Our leaders are jailed! 80% of us cannot vote!' Printed and issued by the MDM, SAHA Poster Collection, AL2446_1055
Would you vote? I wouldn’t!

Why would you vote for the people that put your leaders in jail?  The workers in the factories were fighting and so were the communities. No one was giving up, not until the apartheid was over!

I think it is absolutely amazing how passion can fuel people, if you believe in something strong enough you can truly do anything. These people who were losing everything, continued to fight! Even in the 1980’s they were having funerals every week because of all the violence and death surrounding them. But despite their troubles, they stayed strong, and in the end they prevailed!


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