Service Project 2013- Library/ Mural- Update #4

Vaatjie Library

This week I have e-mailed Tamarin a few questions regarding Libby and my project. To be able to plan how much paint we eventually will have to purchase, we need to get measurements of the rooms and more detailed information like that.

Tamarin is going to the school on Tuesday so she will give us more information next week.

We have also been talking about painting a world map on a wall considering the children do not know where some countries are located, but we came to the conclusion that considering that we have limited time we will buy a big poster of a world map instead. It is pretty hard to plan what the rooms will look like when you have never seen them but is so helpful having Tamarin to give us some inside information!


One Comment on “Service Project 2013- Library/ Mural- Update #4

  1. Looks like you ladies are rocking and rolling on this project which happens to be the one I am most excited about! I know that reading takes people out of their own world into another and I want that for these kids so badly. I want a place and a book where they can escape their own terrible issues. Don’t over think this as like an “Extreme Home Make Over episode” lol keep it simple, they only know simple. We have a room with shelves, we have books so now its making the room colourful with paint and comfy with some bean bags maybe a curtain and BOOM we have a library. I love the map on a poster idea, any way we can put it on fabric and make it the curtain? And don’t worry about wasting paint there are loads of things at the school and in our communities that need some cheering up 🙂 thanks for all your hard work ladies, see you soon ❤

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