Heading Towards Freedom

P._W._BothaThe final part of Have You Heard of Johannesburg?, South Africa is heading towards freedom. Apartheid lasted for over 20 years, but now it was time, South Africa was ready to make a change. The Prime Minster of South Africa, P. W. Botha, expected the whole world to be impressed by the changes he made in the government system. After he had a tour of meetings in Europe, the people were not impressed. P. W. Botha knew that if he did not change the ways of the government there would be a heavy weight on him caused by other countries and nations.

The black population in South Africa were ready to take their freedom. Then an opportunity came, where the movement became worldwide. Now, intimidation, jail, banishment, house arrest, and would not stop the community from marching for freedom. Black South Africans started to boycott the election. Then, the Black South Africans started to buy from black owned merchants and stopped buying from white merchants and white owned business, which caused their business to fail. This experience illustrated an incredible strong democratic movement that represented ordinary men and women. It also illustrated that the people of the country were worn-out of the way they had been treated and they were ready for a change. Some people of the townships started to set fires, to throw rocks, and to start bombings that will forcefully show that they want a change in their country.

The community started to get out of control.The government was trying to take back control by throwing people off buses and feeding people to the crocodiles. Then the people started to disappear and were not accounted for, so the black community took over the different communities and took over the government boundaries. The actions of the Black South Africans demonstrated that they were fighting for what they truly believe in and were not stopping until they were rewarded with their freedom.120817034048-mine-shootings-reaction-story-top-1

Later, the government put Nelson Mandela in jail because they thought it would dissociate him from his organization. But they underestimated him. The members of the ANC disguised themselves to go into the jail and to talk to Nelson Mandela. The members of the ANC risked their lives and their futures to fight the Apartheid. The ANC members are truly dedicated to their work and to their followers. Now, in the United States there were waves of movements that made their way from college campuses to Congress. Back to South Africa, everything there started to name places and other things after Nelson Mandela, in order to free him. The country finally found a way to make a difference through music. It filled the people with determination to end the system, showing humankind when you see the crowd. In the crowd there were young people who are the future of the world, making a powerful statement that they want to make a change and they want to end Apartheid. This lead to a noble change that caused the world and the new generations to make a difference and develop a new outlook in the world.images


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