Service Project 2013- Vaatjie Primary School Vegetable Garden- Update #3


Vaatjie garden

Progress is being made on the planning of the Vaatjie school vegetable garden. Lauren and I are working on planning the vegetables that we will plant based on the dimensions of the garden and the spacing each seed requires. So far we are aiming at trying to plant squash, beans, lettuce, or carrots so that there will be enough to provide food for all approximately 200 students in the school.


Tamarin Simpson, founder of Tippy Toes Foundation, has provided us with the manager of the Starke Ayres nursery nearby the school in South Africa. We will use our funds raised to purchase the materials needed there when we arrive in May. We are sorting out some questions we will ask when we contact the manager Martin.

Until then we are still accepting donations and holding fundraising events!


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