Communication for every Situation

During our last class on Wednesday we talked about our project and how they are coming along, how fundraising is going, and one of the most important things, if not the most important, was when Mohammed Bey, the Director for Multicultural Education here at Quinnipiac, came to our class. He talked with us about how we will be in a new place soon (about 7 weeks to be more precise) and we will be treated differently, along with having a difference in communication, and struggling to be able to communicate.

Communication is Key

In class we discussed what “diversity” meant to us, and then we also played a game that had us communicate with multiple rules and quite a few obstacles. Some of the girls couldn’t talk, and some of them had to keep their head down. In order for us to completely switch sides we had to find other ways than talking to communicate. We had to find ways to complete the puzzle of moving our side the the other and vice versa.  I think it was a really interesting game, and think it really showed us that solving problems are hard, but especially when communication is not available or not easy. I think the game really showed us how to adapt in uncomfortable or difficult situations. When we go to South Africa, all though I can’t imagine our situations being quite like the game we played, I do think it helped us to realize how important communication can be, and also how important learning how to work with people that are different than you can be. Everyone has different ways to communicate, and especially when we go to a different country, we will see that when working with the people in South Africa.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

-Peter Drucker

When we are in South Africa we will have to communicate both physically and verbally and I think its very important that we did that game, because now we have practice communicating as a group.

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