Packing Party

Aubrie & Isabelle organizing donations.

Aubrie & Isabelle organizing donations.

Wednesday after our class dinner, we went to the storage room where we found some donated clothes and some school supplies.

We started to pack five suitcases filled with the donated clothes and school supplies, we found for our trip to South Africa in May. Also I feel that most of the clothes will be used because there are mostly t-shirts, but we need more shorts and pants. I was very surprised by the donations people made and I did not think we had as much as we have. I definitely want to bring more clothes in and try to bring as much as possible so the people in South Africa can have the best.
When we were packing it made me realize that the trip is coming soon and it is actually about to take place. I am so excited to go and to spread positive energy and happiness to the people of South Africa. I believe that these clothes will put a smile on their faces and show them that we are here for them!


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