Service Project 2013- Internet/Worldreader- Update #5


As Alison explained last week, we are currently in the process of honing in on an Internet provider and learning how much Internet would cost per month. Tamarin suggested that we use MWEB as the Internet company. That being said, we have done some research and learned the costs. According to the website, the “1Mbps Uncapped ADSL” is the best deal.

This deal includes:

  • Uncapped, unthrottled ADSL connection
  • Technical support via social media, retail stores and call centre
  • Free Uncapped Website Hosting Lite for 1 year
    (R29 p/m thereafter)
  • VoIP is prioritised on the MWEB network
  • 300 MB free Wi-Fi pm at more than 750 hotspots
  • 2 GB mailbox with 5 email addresses
  • One point of contact if you bring your ADSL line to MWEB
  • 5 GB Store-It cloud storage account
  • Virus and spam filtering
  • Free fax to email

What is needed?

  • An existing post-paid phone line
  • An ADSL modem or router (available from MWEB starting from R399)
  • An Internet enabled device e.g. computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

I will need to contact Tamarin and discuss if there is a phone line there currently. In addition, while purchasing only data for this system costs 199 per month Data + a Line rental (which is recommended) costs R399 (approx. $43) per month. The Data + Line rentWorldReaderal packages allow MWEB to manage your ADSL line as well as your data giving you a single point of contact for your Internet needs.

Ultimately, there are a number of possible options that Alison and I will continue to explore. These options consist of different types of services through MWEB as well as different Internet providers. Tamarin also provided us with an extremely useful link to a website that provides an array of different providers, however, since she suggested MWEB we initially researched this one.

This was just the option that initially caught our attention. However, we need to get a better understanding of what the school actually wants out of this service and what they plan to use the Internet for, in order to determine what type of service we would need to purchase. Ultimately, the more they want to use it for, the more expensive the package becomes. With this in mind, we will need to determine whether or not this is a realistic option monetarily and if so, how we plan to help the school sustain the Internet.


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