Service Project 2013- Tippy Toes Website Update #6

tippytoes This week, Jess and I tried to make sure that the final changes were made to the website in regards to grammar and language.  Though we have made these changes, we are going to need to meet with Professor Gallay sometime this week or early next week to go over the different formats and what else he thinks should be changed. Tippy Toes Logo

The website itself is already looking better and more aesthetically pleasing than it had been in the past.  I believe with the work that Jess and I both put into this website, it will be the functional website that Tamarin has always wanted.  This new website will allow Tamarin the ability to connect all aspects of social media and continue to create new blogs for all of the new projects that come up and the outcomes after they have happened.

tippy toes With the ability that the internet has, this website should help Tamarin to continue with her goal of ‘people helping people’ because people will now know how to reach out to Tamarin in an easier way and this will involve more people from outside of the community.  This can now help with a worldwide spread of news and that is what will help Tamarin make the impact that she wants to see in the communities that she loves.


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