A Constant Struggle

The documentary, Dear Mandela, accurately portrayed the constant struggles that South Africa is going through. Although it has been over twenty years since the end of Apartheid, there are still some problems that have yet to be solved.

dear mandelaNelson Mandela was the face of anti-apartheid movement, and the ANC.  He was the one that everyone looked to to end Apartheid. When he came into power, the coloured and black people were extremely happy because of the changes he was going to make. However, some of these promises were not kept.  People continue to live in shacks, which are made by themselves, and barely have the essential needs for someone to live.  This is the only way people can live though, and there were people coming and destroying their shacks.

The Slums Act was the reason why some people figured it was okay to ruin others houses.  Under this act, landowners could evict people from their shacks.  In that case, the Red Ants would come and evict people, and destroy their houses.  However, towards the end of the documentary, we see a positive note- the Slums Act is dropped, letting people stay in peace where they were.  The repeal of this act helped the people because they did not have to worry about losing their house, however they were not given anything more.  They were told they would be helped with better housing, but when the government was supposed to come and relay the information upon them, they never showed up.

Watching this documentary made me put a different perspective on the current South African government.  I knew they they had a lot of work to do, but it seems that they are not putting some major priorities first.  A human’s basic needs are food, water, and shelter, and one of these needs was not shackbeing fulfilled by the South African government.

When Apartheid ended, everyone expected a lot of change. Although there is a lot of change, it seemed like some people in the ANC have lost their passion.  They do not seem like they are trying as hard to make life better for the people who did need to live in slums, and for the people living in poverty.  I feel like the ANC is trying hard to make the country as successful as possible and to give the citizens their human rights, but it is difficult because they still have a lot of work to do.


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