Dear Mandela: The Government Only

Dear Mandela made me very sad, I don’t understand why the government didn’t allow them to keep the houses they built themselves.

Why did they have to burn them, tear them down, demolish them?

Why couldn’t they just leave them be, pretend the government did it themselves? Just let the people live under some kind of roof!

I don’t understand who the government is trying to pretend to be, all of the transit camps, people who do vote, know that they are not doing anything to help them. Why bother pretending? Why bother changing the numbers on the doors every time the government is there? And why destroy the ones that people took effort in putting up when the government isn’t putting in any effort in housing at all?

I realize that the Minister of Housing stated that housing is at the very bottom of everything the government wants to achieve, but to me, it seems that the government would want to at least achieve a little progress in everything rather than a lot in some things and nothing in others. This housing segregation between the rich and the poor is like the apartheid the government forcing segregation all over again except this time it is more between the rich and the poor than it was between the colored and the whites.

The Slums act was not good for the people in these camps, and the government didn’t help them at all, although it would have given them homes sometime in the future, the amount of time they would have been evicted from their homes even more than they already are, and then placed elsewhere, was just not an option. I feel like the government is treating these people as if they are just garbage that can be picked up and placed anywhere, even in the grossest garbage possible. The government needs to put themselves in these peoples shoes and realize that they are people too! They deserve equal housing and equal treatment!


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