Service Project 2013- Varkplaas Community Garden- Update #4

This update is unfortunately a short one. Since Kristyn’s last post on the Varkplaas Garden, not much new information has been found. We are still debating if we will have enough funds for the PVC piping, since we believe that will be the easiest and most efficient form of boundary/fencing around the garden. I am still waiting to hear back from Tamarin and the Builder’s employees in order to decide what materials we can use that will be the cheapest while remaining sustainable.

In regards to the determent of animals from the garden, we have found a few different natural solutions that I will list.


• Placing rags that have been sprayed with some type of soap, for instance Avon™ Skin So Soft Bath Oil, around the vegetable garden can potentially keep all kinds of animals and other pests away.

• Bacon grease and moth balls are things that smaller critters do not like. To keep these animals away from the garden, bacon grease can be sprinkled around the outside of it, and moth balls can be placed around the perimeter of the garden.

6e5b55a5f0bb510facd3ac0033f834ea_f27• Aluminum pie pans strung on a single string fence around the vegetable garden will create a noise that can scare off any animals trying to intrude. However, if this fails, apparently Cayenne peppers can keep animals away with the powerful smell it emits.

• Planting attractive food away from the garden can also deter animals from eating the crops in the garden. Things that antelopes eat, like grass, can be planted away from the garden so that they can focus their attention away from the vegetables.

Hopefully by next week we will have more information to share with you, and again, if anyone reading this has any feedback or comments on our progress please feel free to comment below!


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