Service Project 2013- Community Gardens- Update #6

lowes-home-depotAubrie and I are finally ready to go explore stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s because we received vital information from Tamarin about moving forward in creating a sustainable structure for the community gardens.  We found out that the land will be cleared of garbage and other materials before we arrive so we will be able to start right away in creating the gardens.  We still need to find out how long it will take for us to build these structures, how many people it will take, and the total cost of the materials that we will be buying.  We are not planning to buy compost because the soil near the gardens are already pretty fertile.

Also, we will be looking at thick netting that we can possibly double up and bolt onto poles that will be placed accordingly around the garden.  Aubrie and I have a list of materials that we will definitely need including bolts, netting, poles, cement, sticks, compost, and gardening tools. However, we are continuing to brainstorm on other materials we may need in order to be completely prepared when the time comes to actually make the structure.

seedsTamarin said that we can’t plant all of the seeds at once because once the crops grow, the communities will have to wait up to six months for a new batch to grow, which is why the planting has to be done in batches.  Tamarin also said that she will be able to send us a picture this week of the area that we will be constructing the gardens.  We decided that 5mx3m would most likely be good sizes for the gardens, yet we would need to find out the prices of the material first to see what would be most efficient.

Aubrie and I are definitely more confident now that we have a plan and know that our plan is attainable and feasible.  As the time gets closer to our trip, it is easier for us to see how all of our research and work is coming together and will finally be put into place once we are there!!!


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