Service Projects 2013: Varkplaas and SHOES- Update #5

Varkplaas Community Gardens

Everything seems to be on track and we have created multiple concepts to possibly implement when we arrive in South Africa. The issues of protecting the garden from the elements, snails, costs, materials and design have all been addressed. We are now in the stage of refining our research and discussing with Tamarin the best options for the project. I am hopeful that we will be able to create the “greenhouse” type garden enclosure to give the garden the best possible protection.

Finished veggie garden!

Finished veggie garden!

Shoes and Clothes Donation

I have returned from Easter weekend with about twenty pairs of shoes and a duffle suitcase full of clothing donations. I will be receiving more pairs of shoes over the next two weeks. I have discovered that the shoes all have different stories, some which have taken them around the world. Once the shoes are given to their new owners I hope to create a blog about how one pair of shoes has served so many purposes in so many different contexts. As far as clothes it seems that we are lacking warmer clothes for the cold winter months in South Africa. If anyone has any winter clothes to donate please let me or Lauren know. Also, we still need to get more suitcases so we can bring all of the donations and supplies over with us!

Linda Sirois Shoe Donations

Linda Sirois Shoe Donations


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