Half the Sky- Ch. 10: A Little Help Can Create Opportunities

After reading Half the Sky, I was empowered that women can do more; that we can make progress in the world and really fight for what we believe in and what we want. My chapter, Chapter 10, was focused on education and how a little money can help educate many, many woman for years! I think the most interesting part of it all was how there was an error when someone tried to donate $100 and they ended up paying $10,000. The bank was generous enough to cover the mistake and still help out the school. Educating girls is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty and because of that first person’s help, even though it was a mistake it led to many girls earning more of an education and helping their families. This led to many more families escaping poverty and further generations of the family getting better educations as well.

A little goes a long way

I think it is very interesting how even a little money to us, means so much to them. If more people were willing to donate even $100, then more and more people could be educated and more and more people could help their families and themselves to lead to better economies in the countries that are struggling to stay afloat. A little help goes a long way, and if people are just willing to lend a hand they can do a lot for people in need.
This book and the videos “Tragedy in Pakistan” and “Mukhtar’s Mission” really made me think about my life, what I can do with what I have, and how much more I can help! There are so many problems in the world and I dont want to stop helping after this service trip. Going to South Africa is only the beginning! Helping doesn’t have to stop there, and it wont!

One Comment on “Half the Sky- Ch. 10: A Little Help Can Create Opportunities

  1. This was such an amazing book to read. Even though we did not have the time to read the entire book, I am fascinated about the chapters that I was not able to read, so I am going to bring the book with me when we go to South Africa. I think that there is a lot more that we can do in regards of helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves. I am excited that we are going to get the opportunity to help these people, and even though we are only staying in South Africa for a short time, we are going to make a very small difference in the lives of people, and every little bit helps.

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