Outside Event: Realization- Packing Party

Aubrie & Isabelle organizing donations.

Aubrie & Isabelle organizing donations.

On Wednesday, March 27th, after our class met up for dinner, we spent some time packing bags full of donated clothes that we will bring with us to South Africa for the children and the people there. There were so much clothes!  Everything from jeans, to dresses, to socks; and in all sizes as well.

We have been told that warmer clothes are especially needed because the children get really cold in South Africa during the winter months, especially at night. Unfortunately there were not that many sweaters and warm clothes, but hopefully we will get more before we leave.

Kristyn, Adriana, Lauren, Libby, & Alison organizing donations.

Kristyn, Adriana, Lauren, Libby, & Alison organizing donations.

I am definitely going to go through my closet and donate as well. Packing the clothes made me really excited for the trip. It will be great to see people who need the clothes wear them later. What made me most excited is that we are not just going there to get a different perspective ourselves, but we are going to help out, and give them clothes and things they may never have had. Just to be able to give a child a sweater to keep him warm at night would make our school trip successful.

When we were packing the clothes we were all wondering whether we really should bring the underwear that were donated or not. For us it is obvious that we would not wear used underwear. I think this clearly shows that none of us have ever seen the poverty to the extent that we are about to see when we will go to South Africa. I think when we packed the clothes that day we finally understood that we need to bring whatever we can, because people will take what they can get hold of. We obviously ended up bringing all the donated clothes.

I think it was good that we all packed the clothes about a month before our trip. It is about time that we all realize that we actually are leaving soon and that we are prepared for a life changing trip.

One Comment on “Outside Event: Realization- Packing Party

  1. While I did not participate in the packing party, Isabelle’s post really demonstrates how vast our cultural differences are to those in South Africa. I think most of us going on the trip have been fortunate enough to never have to worry about clothing and shoes for everyday life. Speaking for myself, my greatest concerns growing up involved picking out a “cute” outfit for school or trying to find the prettiest dress for the prom. That being said, I can not fathom having to wear used underwear. While I know there are plenty of people around the United States who do not have appropriate clothing, the packing party for South Africa demonstrated to me how privileged I am in relation to others. I am thankful that we are able to bring some clothing to the children and families in South Africa — after all, small acts of kindness can make a big impact.

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