Looking at the issues of South Africa in a different perceptive

yesterdayLast Wednesday in class, we watched a movie called Yesterday. Yesterday is a young mother who lives in rural area of Rooihoek. She has a daughter named Beauty, and her husband works in Johannesburg in the mines. She has been suffering from a very bad cough for weeks, and has been trying to go to the doctors. Finally, she gets to see the doctor and has a blood test done, where she finds out she has HIV/AIDS. Yesterday goes into the city to tell her husband and he does not believe her, a few months later he comes home because he is sick with HIV/AIDS as well. She ends up taking care of her husband until he dies.

Yesterday is a very brave women, she takes care of her daughter and manages to do her daily chores every single day in the village. When she starts to get sick she does not let her daughter worry; she is brave enough to make sure that Beauty’s environment is as normal as possible.

yesterdayI think she is a very brave woman when she is told of the virus. She is not educated and never went to school, so she has no idea what this virus can really do to you until she watches her husband die.

It is also interesting to show how the women in the village are so highly uneducated and the only women who know the most is the teacher. The women in the village think that they will catch the virus by standing next to him, and they do not know anything about the disease. Yesterday did not even know how she got the virus and she did not understand that her husband was unfaithful to her in Johannesburg, but she did forgive him.

UnknownI think that education is helpful in preventing the virus, because the more you know about it, know the symptoms, the causes, and the treatments, then you know to be careful. If you know about the disease you know that it exists and where is highly contagious. If you know the causes then you know how to be safe and know your surroundings. If you know the symptoms you can get medicine for the early stages of the virus, and if you  know the treatments then you know that the medicine will only help in the early stages of the virus.

It is also upsetting to see how the women in the village shunned her and her husband because they had the disease. Before, when they did not know she had the disease, they were very talkative and helpful to her in her daily chores. I think in the hardship that Yesterday is facing, her village should be supportive of her and her because she is weak as well. The only loyal friend in the village is the teacher, and I think that she remained loyal to Yesterday through everything she has been through.

At the end of the movie, when the teacher said to Yesterday, “At the end of this, I will take care of Beauty like she was my own”, struck out to me the most because I think it is very important that Yesterday knows that Beauty will be okay if and when she dies.

Dying is scary enough, but as a mother, not knowing where your child is going is scarier. I also think that Yesturday has stayed strong considering her condition because of her daughter, as well as Yesturday has a fighting chance of living a little bit longer each day, because her daughter Beauty gives her the strength and hope needed to stay alive.images

In Wednesday’s class, we have finally learned the history of the South Africa but now we are learning the issues in South Africa, so that our class is well rounded educated on the country that we are about to visit. I think that the movie brought a realistic view point on the issues in South Africa because we are going to meet people who have HIV/AIDS but we will not know it.

One Comment on “Looking at the issues of South Africa in a different perceptive

  1. I agree with Aubrie’s viewpoint about how the women in the village weren’t educated. I remember personally thinking that the only way they were getting information was through gossip and they did not have any proof of the information being valid or not. I definitely believe that Aubrie is right about the importance of education especially regarding AIDS; yet, I understand how they are not able to receive that type of information and how they can only understand so much if they actually speak english. Although it was shocking, I didn’t necessarily find it surprising how Yesterday was shunned in the community for her husband contracting the disease because of how she explained another woman was killed in a nearby village. After reading Aubrie’s blogpost, I totally agree with how it was touching and remarkable of Yesterday’s friend to say she would look after Beauty if anything were to happen to her because of the disease. Looking back at the movie, I remember having mixed feelings about the end because I was happy that Beauty was able to attend school but still sad knowing that Yesterday, along with many other women in South Africa, will have to suffer and eventually pass away from AIDS, leaving their children behind.

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