How does Yesterday effect today?

Tamarin This week in class, we talked to Tamarin about all of the different projects and we received most of the details about how we would present our projects at the end of the class.  It was nice talking to her because she put a lot of the groups at ease about the rest of the work that needs to be complete before we head to South Africa.  She is a very passionate woman, and she does everything that she can to help others.

After talking to Tamarin, we talked about the Eli’s fundraiser that we had on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.  It seemed to be a major success even though we have not gotten the final count on the amount of money that we have earned from it.  When I went, it was packed and a lot of people from Quinnipiac University were there showing their support for our program.  While we were on the topic of fundraising, we talked about the upcoming Bobcat Flea Market that will be taking place on April 18, 2013 from 9am-1pm in Burt Kahn.  This is something that a few other girls and I have been working very hard on.  It was nice to hear all of the strides that we have made within the last few months, and it is hopeful that this event will raise a lot of money for the service projects.

Yesterday posterAfter we discussed all of the important information about the trip, we watched a film entitled Yesterday.  It was a very good movie about the AIDS epidemic in South Africa.

Throughout the movie, the viewer follows one woman throughout her sickness, and all of the things that she achieves while fighting for her life.  She takes care of her husband, who is also infected with the disease and she makes a promise to the doctor that she will not die prior to her daughter beginning school.  This was about a year away from when she was diagnosed and I do not think that the doctor expected her to last that long.  The strength that this woman had was not physical, but mental and she was determined to stick it out as long as possible.  At the end of the movie, when you see her walking out of the shot, she still has her head held high and the determination to see her daughter grow up even more is in her blood.

yesterdayOne of the interesting parts of the movie was the stigma that the family got when the rest of the townspeople found out that the husband was infected with AIDS.  They did not want the husband in the town at all in fear that they would also catch it.  This is something that could not happen, unless he bled on them or had sex with them, but the townspeople did not know that.  They were afraid for themselves because of the lack of knowledge on health care over there.

I think that this has opened my eyes to how it would be living in an area where all of your supposed friends will turn their backs on you as soon as they think something is wrong.  It must be heartbreaking for these people to go through.


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