Outside Event- Eli’s Fundraiser

QU301SouthAfrica_ElisTuesday April 2, 2013,  Melanie and I planned a fundraiser with Eli’s Brick Oven Pizza for our service projects to South Africa. The night was a huge success and I am relieved that it is over and ran as smoothly as possible. Ultimately, although we hit a few bumps in the road, we ended up raising $235 that will be used to fund our projects while in South Africa.

The event went from 5pm -9pm at night and 10% of customer’s bills would be donated to our trip. After talking to the manager, we decided that Tuesday would be the ideal day to plan the event as Tuesdays are typically slower nights in the restaurant business. Therefore, an event would bring them revenue on a slow night and help us raise money — a mutually beneficial plan!

Being happy and relieved that Eli’s was willing to work with us, I was not going to bargain for one of the busier nights…although looking at what we made on a slow night it makes me wonder how much we could have raised on a busy night!

Nonetheless, we scheduled the event for Tuesday April 2, and Melanie and I went about planning and preparing for the night! Since the only way we received 10% of the bills was if customers specified that they were here for our event, we realized that promoting this event was extremely important if we hoped to achieve a good turn out and substantial profit. For this, the class turned to social media, namely Facebook ElisFundraiser_2013_3and Twitter.

Melanie created a flyer as well which we posted around the school in various locations and also gave out to customer’s at Eli’s on the night of the event. In addition, Professor Gallay emailed professors at Quinnipiac University and also advertised it on the internal QU homepage.

I personally, had a few friends come to support the event and it was really nice to witness a bunch of people coming out to support their friends and an overall good cause. In addition, most customer’s at Eli’s were more than willing to donate part of their bill to our cause and were extremely interested in what we were doing while in South Africa — we even met people who wanted to follow us on Twitter! It was an overwhelmingly positive experience as I saw how powerful supportive communities can be to the success of an event or movement of any sort.

ElisFundraiser_2013_1Anyone who reads my blogs knows that I am a heath science major — NOT a business major. That being said, I was very nervous to put on this event and have it run smoothly as I have never done something like this before and am rather unexperienced and unknowledgable in any “business-ey” endeavor. Therefore, while there were bumps in the road and aspects of the night that I could have planned for better, the night was ultimately a success. This project proved to be really good learning experience for me. I learned how to talk and negotiate with people as well as advertise and publicize. In addition, it taught me that things don’t always go perfectly as planned and it is important to be able to adapt to these changes in order to achieve success no matter what. While a stressful experience, I am glad I was given the opportunity to spear head this type of a project and feel as though I have grown because of it.

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