Service Project 2013- Community Gardens- Update #7

So for today’s update, Melanie and I are coming to an end of our plans. The final plans include next week where Melanie and I are planning on going to Home Depot and continue to look for supplies. We are finishing up our project and need the final touches, such as the South Africa website for prices and materials, how much of each material is needed to cover the 5mx3m garden area.


Some thick netting ideas I found online is an All Purpose Garden Fabric, which can protect plants from the cold and wind, keep soil and plants from overheating, and prevent spread of diseases. It is very easy to use: You can cover the plants right over the plants. On the American websites, it ranges from $10-20. Melanie and I are going research more about the all-purpose garden fabric in order to sustain the gardens and protect it against the wind. We are going to look and see if this fabric is available in South Africa and how much is needed and cost. If we place this cover over the plants we will not need to double up of the netting around the garden and we will be able to just place the netting around the garden for extra protection.

We also looked up bolting materials on the Home Depot website, where we found Weyerhaeuser 1/2 in. x 10ft. Rebar bolts, that cost around $5.20 each which can be used for strength and durability. There are other lengths that can also be used and cost less. It is also used for forming stakes in gardens. 9c3942d4-3b72-404c-9d4b-d666e795cac0_300

We think these are very sustainable products and are hoping this will work in efforts to achieve our goal. 


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