Service Project 2013- Internet/Worldreader- Update #6

MWEB logoIt has been a super busy time over here but we have emailed MWEB, the internet service provider that we will hopefully be using. And we are trying to see if we can get a discount or some sort of exact numbers that we will be able to work with while trying to work on fundraisers to get the money we will need for all these amazing service projects.

We still have yet to hear back regarding the Worldreader program, so our focus right now is on the internet provider and if we do hear back from Worldreader then we will continue where we left off and plan how to get the program to the Vaatjie school!

We are still working on finding out about the phone line that is at the school currently in order work with MWEB and get the internet connected. As well as we are waiting on information on what exactly the school wants from their internet provider, and what they will need out of it.

I am hopeful that the internet provider will give us a speedy response and hopefully we will have answers to many questions by  later in the week. We have our Bobcat flea market coming up, and just had our first benefit dinner at Eli’s which helped us raise funds! We just have to keep working hard and these projects will be amazing!


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