A Movie that Opened My Eyes

Last week’s (April 3rd) class we watched a movie called, Yesterday, that really made me think a lot about what people had gone through and possibly still go through.

The main character, Yesterday, her daughter, Beauty, and her husband all had to deal with the affects of HIV/AIDS. I never thought how much pain and struggle these people must go through, not only with the virus but also with their everyday lives. People reacted so strongly when it came to the HIV virus. Yesterday said in the movie that a woman in a village near her own was stoned to death because she had the virus. It’s sad to think that because the people were so uninformed about how to give and contract HIV that they thought that killing the person with the virus was the best way to go. I understand the fear of the unknown but what I don’t understand is why these people didn’t try to find out more before shunning or killing the people who have it. Those people are already going through so much, they don’t need to fight off a whole village too!

It’s so sad that even when the teacher tried to explain to them what happens with the virus and how you get it, that the village people still didn’t want to listen, they were stuck in their ways and didn’t want any more of an explanation.

Even a little money can change their lives

I also think it is sad how there was only one doctor anywhere close to Yesterday’s village. And there were so many people that needed to see the doctor that many many people got turned away simply because they had not woken up early enough.

Yesterday was only able to see the doctor with the help of her friend, the teacher who got her a cab. To me that showed how much a little money can go for them. If they even have a few dollars they can get to where they need to be, but if they don’t they won’t get very far. It’s sad how money is such a necessity, yet being able to earn and have money can be so hard especially for those already lacking the necessities to live.

One Comment on “A Movie that Opened My Eyes

  1. I agree with Alison completely. I think that people have a hard time moving away from the familiar and if something unknown is to come up, then they are frightened. I am not one to embrace change well, but I believe that I would try to figure out how I could help the person before I would ever try to shun them. The unknown may be scary, but it is something that we need to be able to cope with on a day to day basis, and I believe that after watching this movie, I have begun to understand a little more about why it is important to become educated in aspects of your life that effect you.

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