Outside Event- A sense of happiness and excitement

Eli'sOn Tuesday, April 2, 2013, my QU 301 South Africa class hosted a fundraising event at Eli’s Brick Oven Pizza. The goal of the event was to raise money for the service project efforts we will contribute towards in May. The event began at five o’clock in the afternoon, which I had been eager to attend all day.

Although I was excited to go and contribute to the fundraising event, I was a bit upset once I had arrived because the restaurant failed to advertise for our fundraiser. There were no flyers or advertisements put on display at the restaurant, and I had later found out that it was due to the fact that the staff had failed to remember our fundraising reservation. A few classmates and I had, luckily, arrived early and clarified the matter with the staff members. They apologized and made an effort to assist us with our fundraising.

As the time passed and the crowd grew larger, a sense of happiness overcame me. I was excited to see so many familiar faces from my school community. They all came not only to support our efforts, but to support us as friends.

I’ve been to one or two fundraising events before, such as the Relay for Life Event, and up until now, I never realized the positive feelings those who are in charge of fundraising for Relay for Life or any other fundraising event could get. When you are a part of a fundraising event, and you see the large crowd that you have attracted and see how this crowd is contributing towards your efforts, you can’t help but to feel good.

It honestly meant even more when I saw familiar faces, such as my own family and my own friends. They had come out to not only support my efforts, but to give support to my fellow peers and to the children in South Africa. I didn’t get the opportunity to circulate and visit the different tables, but I did see the girls who had shown to be hard-workers and motivated towards this and it really touched my heart.

Later that evening I had called my mother to see if she had gotten the chance to attend, and she said that she had gone at around 7 o’clock that night. I had asked her if we had received a lot of receipts, but I was nervous to hear the answer because I truly wanted my class to do well in this. Her response was that the bucket was very much filled, and this was such a relief. I was glad to hear that my class had done so well, and I was proud to know that we had raised money for our service projects.

Having our first fundraiser was exciting, and it was even more exciting to know further progress had been made. This fundraiser was only just the beginning to this chapter of ours.


2 Comments on “Outside Event- A sense of happiness and excitement

  1. Very proud of you and the hard work you have done thus far
    -xoxo Dad

  2. I had a lot of the same feelings when it came to this experience as Lacey did. I was disappointed when Eli’s said they didn’t know about the fundraiser, when Lacey and Mel had worked so hard in preparing for it. I went with my sister, who is always eager to help donate for causes. I have helped out at a few of her fundraisers, but never felt the good feeling of donations from those. Because our check was going to our service projects, we did not feel bad having a large check. I was also pleased when we found out in the next class that we raised a lot of money. It is always such a relief to know that something that may seem unstable at first, works out in the end to benefit everyone.

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