Service Project 2013- Tippy Toes Website Update #7

tippytoes In the last few weeks, Jess and I have been working extremely hard to try to finish up the website.  I met with Professor Gallay last Wednesday after class and he thought of some changes that he would like to see including the “About” tab and consolidating the “Project” tab.  Instead of talking about each of the individual service projects, we will be putting the projects into the blog so that when an update needs to be made, Tamarin can simply add this new information to the blog instead of changing the website and adding more material.  We all believe that this will look more professional and will bring more people to the Tippy Toes Foundation website.

tippy toesAfter this meeting, we also got the information for the pictures that we will be putting on the website.  It will mean more to everyone that visits if we use pictures that show where all of the time and donations are going.  This has been an awesome experience, and I am so happy that Jess and I have been able to make a difference in the Tippy Toes website.


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