From Tsotsi to David

Tsotsi was very eye opening to me. It started off being rather scary and showing that people do anything to get some money, even kill innocent people. You always have to be watching your back. This past weekend the Quinnipiac Community was notified of a sexual assault and burglary in the area, I think this movie and that notification really made me realize how life can change in an instant. You never know what is going on in someone else’s life, and you never know what is going to happen next.

For the main character in this film, Tsotsi, he had a rough childhood, his mother was sick, his father drank a lot, and he saw his dog get kicked so hard that he couldn’t walk. But because of one incident when he stole a car with a baby in it, his life changed dramatically. He began thinking about others more, he began caring for the baby, trying to make a better life for it. He even started to have feelings for the woman who helped him take care of the child. He became a human, he had feeling and because of that he wasn’t the same person anymore. His birth name was David, and I believe in the end that’s who he was. He was not this man called “Tsotsi” anymore.  He was true to himself.

After watching the film, I wish there was more help in the poorer areas of the world. I wish people in those areas were able to get the psychological help they needed and that they didn’t have to walk around everyday fighting with the world, battling their own issues and having to fight to survive. Tsotsi, or should I say David, made it out okay, but he hurt a lot of people in the process. If there were more people willing to help the struggling youth I think there would be less pain and suffering in the world, and people would live better lives.

In the end when he was holding the child and giving it back, I think that really showed Davids true colors, he never meant to do so much damage, and I think in the moment he didn’t know what he was doing but, in the end he did what was right, and gave the child back, although you could tell it was very hard for him to do so, it was the right thing to do.


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