Outside Event- The Times of our Lives

dr-seuss oh the places you'll go (1)There are certain moments in your life that mean a lot to you.  Last Friday was one of those nights for me.  Last week was Greek Week here at Quinnipiac University and each of the Greek organizations on campus participates in friendly competitions and at the end of the week there is a winner.  Some of the events included a family feud type game, speaker, Penny Wars, a day of service with Special Olympics, Greek God and Goddess, and the most anticipated part of the week, Lip sync.

Each year the organizations put a lot of effort into Lip sync.  I know that the sorority that I am in practiced every night for almost a month leading up the big day, and all that effort really showed.  Not only were we the winners of Lip sync, but of Greek Week as a whole.  This is a huge honor here, and I am so honored to be in the winning organization. 

This year, the theme for Greek Week was, Oh, The Places You’ll Go.  I believe that this has a lot to do with what we are doing in this class. We are going to an awesome country to learn about what it is like to live there.  We are experiencing new things and being able to go to places that we would never in a million years thought about going.  Just how this theme brought people together here at Quinnipiac, it is going to bring students from the United States with the people of South Africa.


One Comment on “Outside Event- The Times of our Lives

  1. I think Stephanie made a great point here, Greek week really did bring not only our chapter together but also our Greek community together as a whole, and I think that is exactly what is going to happen when we are down in South Africa! Not only will this trip bring the 12 girls including myself closer together I believe it will bring the United States and South Africa closer together, showing them that we care about them and want to help them as much as possible when we are there. It has been an amazing experience to learn about the history of South Africa, and I am so excited to learn even more when we are there!

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