Service Project 2013- Vaatjie Primary School Vegetable Garden- Update #4

img_1945As we are quickly approaching our deadline, Jenna and I have been researching final details. After recently conversing with Tamarin, we have discovered that we will not need to buy compost as Tamarin informed us it will be provided once we are down there.

Another question we had pertaining to our project were supplies. After investigating this topic we are now aware that shovels (spades) will be provided as well as the continual water source. Gardening gloves will not be provided thus this is a material that we will need to buy beforehand.

At this time, Jenna and I are still working with the size and dimensions of the garden and potatoewhat it is we specifically want to plant. Thus far we have looked at planting lettuce and potatoes. We found that lettuce seeds need to be planted about one centimeter deep, and the rows must be 30 centimeters apart from one another. Depending on the seed we use will depend how close the plants will be in their own row, but it ranges from 15 to 30 centimeters. For the potatoes, it is recommended to plant a potato seed 2-3 inches deep into the soil. Rows should be separated by about 2 feet, and each seed should be about 1 inch apart from one another within the same row.

We are aware that these plants will be needed to feed approximately 200 children, thus our further plans are to research prices for the amount of plants we want and if trees will be applicable for us to plant. As Jenna mentioned, we will need to contact Starke Ayres to finalize prices for the seeds as well as decide more specific plants and the size/dimensions required for each.

Obviously once we arrive, we will need to leave time to prepare the garden by cleaning up the area of scraps and weeds and spread the new compost down. With this said, it will be important we are efficient and plan accordingly to ensure the utmost progress. We appreciate everyone’s support and can’t wait to continue our plans.



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