The Fight For Humanity

district9In class this week we watched the film District 9. Although it may seem that this film has no correlation to South Africa, it’s elements truly connect. The setting of the movie was based around events that took place in South Africa during the apartheid era, with the film’s title particularly alluding to District Six, which was an inner-city residential area in Cape Town. This area was a “whites only” section declared by the government where coloured South African’s were forced to leave the premise and relocate to an area miles away.

This reminded me of the film Dear Mandela where families were forced to live in informal settlements (shacks) after relocating from their homes. The cause of the relocation was to build new roads for transportation purposes, or to just push the blacks out of the urban area.  Both films referred to the resistance to leave after evictions and forced removals from homes close to the city to suburban ghettos in South Africa occurred.

dear mandelaDistrict 9 portrays the main character becoming more inhumane as he begins to comply with the aliens. Wikus, the protagonist, becomes more aware of the aliens expectations and helps them escape the planet, all the while turning on his own species to do so. This greatly differed from Dear Mandela because when the Red Ants destroyed one shack, a neighbor would inform the inhabitants of that home so that they could come back and stop the destruction or begin building a new shack before dark. Racism was the underlying theme in both films, which was also the main reason for the era of Apartheid.

The beginning of the Bobcat Flea Market.

The beginning of the Bobcat Flea Market.

On a lighter note, we also discussed our Bobcat Flea Market event which happened on April 18th, or as it is widely known as Earth Day. Stephanie, Jess and I were in charge of this event, and it was one filled with many pressures. Pressure to build awareness and to raise enough funds for our service projects. After blasting ads through mass media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flyers) we had established enough awareness to raise over $2,300! It is still a bit under our goal, but with a few weeks left to fundraise and accept donations, we are optimistic about getting closer to our goal.

If you, or someone you know would like to donate to the service projects in South Africa, please donate here. Thank you so much for all your support! And also, thank you to the Athletics departmentQuinnipiac University Alumni Affairs, and Quinnipiac University’s Student Center for their donations!


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