Outside Event- Bobcat Flea Market

Last Thursday Quinnipiac University held a celebration in honor of Earth Day. Outside there were food trucks that many people gravitated towards. In the center of Burt Kahn, a flower planting station was present as well as many eco-friendly vendors that were stationed inside. The most important of them all was the Bobcat Flea Market. The Bobcat Flea Market served as a fundraiser to hopefully help fund our service projects while in South Africa.

At our table, we had Quinnipiac attire–mostly athletic gear. Our professor had warned us by saying that jerseys and

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Limited Edition Frozen Four Hockey Jersey

clothes sold fast and to get there quickly, as it was their most successful fundraiser last year. Until I witnessed it for myself, I did not believe that many people even knew about the table. I remember not being aware of it last year, so I made sure to inform my friends to stop by this year! Additionally, it was also a plus that our hockey team had recently participated in the Frozen Four, for one of their authentic jerseys were being auctioned off.

Throughout this semester we were set on this fundraiser to help us implement our service projects. A majority of our class grade pertains to our potential service projects and the proposal we have arranged. Without the necessary funds, our projects can not be executed which would largely affect our trip and experience.

Many interesting people came up to view the merchandise as well as asked us questions pertaining to our class. I finally had the chance to talk to an individual about South Africa and the history behind it. Libby and I joked about it because throughout the whole semester we have been educating ourselves on the history and culture–and now we finally had the opportunity to use it in an outside conversation. In my opinion, I think this was important for the customers. It showed we were passionate about what we were doing and that we take it seriously. We are not just going to South Africa for the pleasure of it, but in hopes to make a positive change in someone’s life.

This event did not only serve as a fundraiser for us, but reminded us that we are one step closer to an experience we must never forget. I became more into the event when individuals would express interest in the clothing. It started to stir some excitement as I knew the trip was only right around the corner and that this money was going to help us make positive changes.

Overall, this fundraiser showed me that there are people in the world who care. Many students made donations but did not make any purchases which I thought was extremely considerate. It shows that even though they are not as knowledgeable, they are still willing to give a helping hand anyway they can. Although we may consist of many different diversities, we still come together as one community at Quinnipiac University to use our resources and privileges to help those in need.

We are greatly appreciative of the Athletics department for their generous donations and additionally to the student center and the Quinnipiac Alumni Association. As noted, we raised over $2,318.03, and as a result we can’t wait to take the next steps for our projects.


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