Relay for Life, and Help Forever

Relay for Life LogoThis past Friday night, April 19th, I participated in an event called Relay for Life. It is an amazing event in which you raise funds for the American Cancer Society. At Relay For Life events, communities all across the world get together to remember, honor, and pay respect people who have or had cancer and fight back this disease that has taken so much from us and continues to do so everyday. The funds go directly to the fight against cancer and I think that is such an amazing thing since so many organizations take so much from the funds they raise.

I think this event really showed me how much a small community can help a cause if they really pull together! Our school is not that large, yet we raised about $80,000 for just at this one event! This really shows how a few people really can make a difference.

It amazes me how big of a difference we can make in this small community. If each person donates a little time or a little money, that can go a very long way! Even in these troubling times of this economy, and when such awful things are going on in the would, I think events like these show that there is some good still left in the world, people do care, and when we all get together we can do amazing things.

The American Cancer Society is an amazing organization and there are so many more amazing ones out there as well, I wish more publicity was out there for the smaller organizations like the Tippy Toes Foundation, not enough people know about it so it doesn’t get a lot of recognition or funds. That’s one of the reasons I think that our service trip is so amazing, that we are able to help, even just a little, but in comparison to the hands on help they are receiving from others outside the organization, I think our help is huge! I am so glad we are able to be a part of this trip, and able to help down in South Africa in just a few weeks!

It feels so amazing to help others even if it is only for small things like helping  someone get something off a high shelf, or helping someone pick up their books after they have tripped. A little help goes a long way, and even though we will only be working on these service projects for a few days, each day counts, and I am so excited we have been given the opportunity to lend a hand. I don’t plan to ever stop helping others, whether it is with events like Relay for Life, or service projects like the ones we will be doing in South Africa! Help is always needed, so why not lend a hand.


2 Comments on “Relay for Life, and Help Forever

  1. After reading Alison’s post regarding her experience at Relay for Life, I noticed some similarities we share and thus agree with a majority of what she said. She expressed the fact that people should lend a helping hand no matter what. I agree with this statement completely. I think that where help is needed and deserved–it should be granted. Obviously there is only so much a person is willing to donate, but I believe anything is better than nothing. For instance, I had mentioned in my post something very similar about the fact that students who were not purchasing items at the Bobcat Flea market, still took time to make thoughtful donations. They were neither large nor small, but that did not matter. It was the fact that they were doing their part in lending a hand. As Alison mentioned, the small school of Quinnipiac raked in around $80,000 for Relay, that’s huge! I was very glad and proud to hear that our school helped gather together and accomplish that. This solidifies Alison’s point even more by saying if everyone contributes, little by little, that will one day accumulate to something big. I cannot speak for everyone, but I know Alison and I really enjoy helping people and that is one significant reason for going on this trip. After attempting to raise money for multiple foundations, I understand the difficulty one might endure in doing so. Thus, when I see fraternities or sororities at the tables in the student center, I now have a soft spot in my heart for them. It can be very challenging and discouraging raising money. I know all they want to do is help these people–but they need our help so I do my best in giving them a little something to let them know that there are people out there supporting for them and rooting for them to succeed in their efforts to lend a helping hand.

  2. I was not taking part in Relay for Life that night, but what a great outside event! $80,000 is a large amount of money for a considerably small school. I definitely agree with Alison that even a small community can do so much. I wrote about that in one of my outside events about the Big Event too; how just a small effort can go such a long way in the end. I also think Alison’s reflection on how we will be able to do that in South Africa too was really good. Even if we may not solve every little problem in South Africa, we will go there and help out as much as we can – and in the longrun there will be huge results from it.

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