Aliens and South Africa?

District 9 (2009) Poster

District 9

In our last class Professor Gallay showed us the film District 9 and I’ll be honest I thought he was crazy! What could aliens possibly have to do with our trip to South Africa (in less than 3 weeks) and what could we possibly be learning from this film?

But after watching the whole movie, I realized that he was right in showing us this film, not only did it show how outsiders get treated, it also showed how outsiders feel being treated in such a way. This film showed not only the pain these outsiders (aliens) felt, it also showed the strength they had when they had to fight. In this film they showed how the aliens never gave up on going home, they never stopped trying to get what they knew to be right.

In the section of the police trying to evacuate the aliens, and the section in the film where we saw that the aliens had been working for twenty years on their project to get out and be safe again, it reminded me of how in South Africa the people were always fighting for their rights, fighting for what they deserved! And this film, although a little wide of an interpretation, I believe showed that very well! People (or aliens) deserve the rights that we all have, we all deserve the Universal Rights that we discussed in the earlier classes. No matter if we are in a different place, and if we are placed in a new situation, no matter where we go, we all deserve our rights!


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