Looking back onto the first blog I posted, I am surprised to say that our day until departure is quickly approaching. This semester flew by and I cannot believe I am looking back  and reflecting on my biography post for it seems like I just wrote it yesterday.

It is actually comical how little I knew about South Africa. I am confident in saying that I have south-africa-flagbecome fully aware of the history as well as culture that exists today. Through the films we have watched such as, Cry for Freedom, Have you Heard From Johannesburg?, Yesterday, and many more, I have gained a valuable educational experience as I prepare to journey off to South Africa.

At the start of the class, I knew absolutely nothing about South Africa. I know so much more now, like what the word apartheid actually means. I have also learned about historical events and parties such as the Soweto Uprisings and the ANC. Although at the time I was not thrilled doing the blog assignments pertaining to the assigned movie parts, I am glad we were able to learn about the culture and history of where we are going.

If you asked me today why I decided to go on this trip, my answer will be completely different than the one I composed in January. I realize the severity that many people suffered just to get to the area they are now. I want to be able to help these people as they are not granted resources or funds to flourish themselves. Learning about the past of South Africa has made me grow more sincere and compassionate for what it is we will be doing once we arrive and the positive impact it will have. Additionally, through with the help of our fundraisers and service projects I have developed a stronger desire to help these children and the members of their community. I want to get out of this bobcat-flea-market-2013_1an experience of a lifetime. I want to change people’s lives by brighting up their world–even if it is just for the day.

Through this semester, our small group has already experienced many thrilling activities that have brought us closer. From the Bobcat Flea Market promo video, to the Market itself, to our Eli’s Dinner Fundraiser, we have grown closer as a class and I know it will help to change our experience as well. Our ideas from class can bounce off one another and help enhance our appreciation as we collaborate facts and stories from class and integrate them into our journey.


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