Outside Event- Bake Sale!

Bake sale

Alison and I had talked about organizing the Bake Sale for a long time, and finally on Monday, April 29th, we were able to! We had no idea what to expect from the bake sale, but we raised over $117.40 during only three hours, and therefore we think it was very successful!

We sold everything from peanut butter chip brownies to sushi formed rice krispies that people gladly stopped by to buy.

Bake sale

Alison, Stephanie, and I stayed by the table during the time and had a lot of fun while doing the work. We were aware that this was our last week to raise money for our projects in South Africa.

Now afterwards I am really happy we were able to go through with the bake sale because $100 can really make a huge difference. I am also  already convinced that we will, when we  get to South Africa, be very happy to say that we really tried our hardest and put all our effort into raising money.

I would like to thank all the parents, faculty, and students who helped out to bake the goods for the bake sale. You all did such a great job! Thanks!


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