From Then to Now: A Look Back on the Semester

Since the first day of class until now we have covered a lot of material on the history and culture of South Africa. In imagesmy first blog post, I expressed my excitement for the trip and wanting to participate in the service projects. I still am very excited and now that we are just about a week away it’s starting to hit me.

We have learned so much these past few months. I went from not knowing much, other than a brief understanding of apartheid, to being able to write in detail about the issues South Africans have faced and how they’ve developed. I have a much better understanding of the social/cultural aspects of the country today.

The material from the class, the films, readings, outside lectures really helped to bring together all of this knowledge. However the focus questions for the blogs and the class discussions really topped it all off.

When we arrive I know there will still be plenty of opportunities to expand on my knowledge as well as situations where I find myself uncomfortable due to lack of understanding. I feel much more comfortable stepping foot there than I did a few months ago now that I have a better understanding and knowledge of the culture. I’m looking forward to going and can’t wait to be there and experience such a memorable trip!


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