Outside Event: Cultural Perspectives in the Medical Field

On Friday, May 3rd I attended the Quinnipiac University’s Interprofessional Poster Day Celebration for the QU interprofessional poster fairNursing and Health Science programs.  This was a fair in which the nurses, and all health science majors presented their final research projects.  My sister is a Physical Therapy graduate student at Quinnipiac, and presented with many other different people.  The projects were on multiple different topics, and were all experiments that took place over a long period of time.

One project that stood out to me was a group that did presented about Nicaragua.  She mentioned that the Quinnipiac Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy groups take students every year down to Nicaragua to QU community and wellnesswork with the community.  When down there, they help them, by examining their physical states, as well as helping them out by giving crutches, or wheelchairs, or anything else they may need.

The problem was that their help and projects were not sustainable, and would not last the year.  This group tried to figure out a better way to keep the community healthy during the time that QU wasn’t there.  They conducted an exercise program, that fit to their musical interests, that had them dancing together as a community and staying healthy by exercising.  This was extremely motivating that they could make a year long impact on a community, which is something that I strive for in South Africa.

I feel like this poster fair and the Nicaraguan project in particular directly related to South Africa, and our efforts there.  While we were planning for our service projects, we were trying to figure out whether they would be sustainable and able to last as long as possible.  I feel as QU nicaraguan poster fairthough we thought of some great ideas in order to make it last as long as possible, just as the Nicaragua group thought of an easy way to keep them active.

It was nice to see how beneficial this project was, and how these students made such an impact in only a short amount of time.  I believe that the way our trip is planned as of now, we will also be able to make an impact.  For my project in particular, I hope that we are able to create a better learning environment for the children.  In addition, I feel that the gardens that we will be planting will also create an impact for a while because the community can eat the vegetables as well as sell them for profit.


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