Day 9- Lessons Learned

2013_Day9_ServiceProject_23There are times in your life that you don’t understand what is going on until after you have finished the activity. That is what happened today at the Vaatjie School. Today we were laying down sod for a soccer field for the children of the school and their soccer team. This sod that we laid down means so much to the children of the community, and this makes it mean so much to me.

I went on this trip to help those that are less fortunate than myself, and I can honestly say that I have succeeded on that feat.   Sometimes when you think of those that are less fortunate of you, you do not truly think that people can live in conditions that most people would not think of acceptable. From the outside, they look horrible, but from the inside they are truly homey. Cookie showed us the inside of her house and she has all of the amenities of a home. Her bedroom was filled with regular bedding and clothes almost like you would see in your own home. It was incredible.

Latest school rooms built by government and private donors.

Incorporating it with today, it showed that we are helping the children of today which will be the adults of tomorrow.  Maybe the work that we are doing will help to show the children that we truly care for them and it will make them care for the next generation as well.  The children that were helping us today are not involved with the school but still brought it upon themselves to help out because they knew that they were helping those in a worse situation than themselves. The chances that we are giving these children to explore, is absolutely fantastic and I am truly honored to have been given this opportunity.

2013_Day9_ServiceProject_11I believe that laying down the sod and moving wheel barrel after wheel barrel of manure has truly helped the group bond as a whole.  These are girls that I would not have met if I had not taken this class and that would have been a true shame.  They are all amazing young ladies and I think that we have grown extremely close over the last week and a half.  Though we all come from different walks of life, we are there working together and truly exemplifying, people helping people.

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