Day 13- Lessons Learned

Finished muralThere are certain things in life that make you happy and excited. Those things for me have always been spending time with the family and hanging out with friends, but after this trip I learned that I also have a love for helping those that are less fortunate than myself. Going to the Vaatjie Primary School and spending time with the children and making them a soccer field are things that I never in a million years thought that I would be doing.

I think that I have also made a lot of friends on this trip which has made all the difference. I believe that all of the girls on this trip have helped each other grow. We have been there for the hard times (like when we were pulling up weeds), and there for the good times (like hanging out and having dinner).

QU301 South Africa class at Hout Bay

QU301 South Africa class at Hout Bay

Today when we were doing the tourist attractions, it was a lot of fun to see everyone on the trip relaxing and enjoying themselves because that is when you get to know someone the best. Seeing Cape Point and the seals and penguins was all a great way of spending our last day as a group.

Even though we are going home in a few days, this was the last time that all of us would be spending a day touring around and enjoying one another’s company.

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

Today at The Cape of Good Hope, when we took the picture of all of us in front of the sign, it almost felt like an end, but I know the friendships that we have made and service that we have done will continue for a long time into the future.

After seeing the African penguins, we went to a winery to do a wine tasting. This is something that many of us cannot do in the United States yet because we are not twenty-one. It was a cultural experience because we got to try wines that we would not have access to in the United States, or if we did, it would not be the same.

shackThroughout the class we have all grown and accepted that the level of poverty that we see in the United States is not the same that it is here.  The shacks that these people live in are no more than a roof to put over their head, and the level of crime is more out of necessity and desperation than it is out of wanting to steal for a living.  The unemployment rate is almost 50% in some parts of the country and that alone could drive someone to do things that they feel uncomfortable with just so that they can survive.

I believe that this trip has given me perspective on how nicely we have it.  Even though I do not think that things will change for others around me when I tell them the stories of here, I know that I myself have changed from this experience and I truly hope that I can come back in the future because the people we have met have been so thankful and that is all I need.


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