Day 14- The last reflection

QU301 South Africa class at Hout Bay

QU301 South Africa class at Hout Bay

This is the last update that I will be writing on our QU301 South Africa blog.

I remember our first class when we met up like it was yesterday. even though it was so long ago – and so much has happened. The past two weeks have been a pretty hectic schedule with early mornings and hard work. It has been a life changing experience in many ways.

On this trip to South Africa we have done so many things that I never thought I would have done. I really enjoyed interacting with so many different animals, because I was not really expecting to do that to that extent that we did. How likely are you to go play with cubs, sit on a bus with a cheetah, and go diving with sharks?



I am very happy we were able to interact with these animals since we cannot do it anywhere close to where we live. Even if we have been typical tourists and really seen the best of South Africa, we have also seen the not as good side of it too. We have been in the townships, and we have gone into people’s homes to see how they live. It has been very different from what our reality is like, and it has given me new perspectives. Even if I may complain about small things in life, I also know that I am very fortunate. We talked a little in class about how people really do make the best out of things, for example they use what they have to build their homes.

I am also very happy to have gone to both Johannesburg and Cape Town. I think all of us liked Cape Town more since it was located just by the water and it was absolutely beautiful! Cape Town is a place I would love to return to. But I really enjoyed our stay in Johannesburg when visiting University of Pretoria and meeting

Quinnipiac University students visiting the University of Pretoria.

Quinnipiac University students visiting the University of Pretoria.

the students. I thought it was really interesting to listen to what young women and men around our own ages had to say about what it is like living in South Africa today. After talking to the students as well as other people around, it seems like the younger generation is more against apartheid than the older. Not in all cases of course, but at least sometimes.

We have met so many inspiring and amazing people on this trip. Tamarin truly is hard-working and so inspiring! Together with Tamarin and her friends we were able to do a great job at Varklplaas and at the Vaatjie School. We have all done such an amazing job and I am so excited to see how our work will have an impact on people.

This trip really has given us a lot of perspectives and helped us understand that there is a different world outside our “bubble”. There are children that wake up in the freezing cold, and there are young children that are raped at the age of three. It is hard to understand and I do not think one can actually fully understand unless they are put in someone else’s shoes to experience it. But I think we have gotten an insight of the South African culture and lifestyle that we will always remember and that we can use in the future!

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