Meet the Students: Erik Panzer



My name is Erik Panzer. I am a sophomore from Nelson, New Zealand, studying a major in Psychology and a minor in Sports Studies.

I chose to take part in this QU South Africa trip because I love to make differences in people’s lives, big or small. But I feel this will also be a challenge as it is a different culture from the two that I have been exposed to growing up. The feeling of making a young child smile and laugh and seeing them enjoying themselves is priceless and that is why I am cannot wait to make a difference in these children’s lives.

MSM-2012 - 57

Being a member of the Quinnipiac University Men’s Soccer Team and being able to share my skills to bring happiness into the lives of these children is something special. It is a global game that many people around the world share a passion for, so there is no greater opportunity to share my skills and love for the game than with younger children who love the game also.

I cannot wait to be immersed in a new culture to really begin to understand what other countries around the world experience everyday. The personal connections I hope to create with these children will be something that I will cherish for a very long time and it will be a very rewarding experience.

You can never quite understand a culture or how people live until you experience it for yourself and I cannot wait to begin my experience of learning and hopefully bringing joy into younger children’s lives

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