Meet the Students: Jillian Haney


Hi hi !!

My name is Jillian Haney, I’m a senior Health and Science studies major and psychology minor. I’m from North Attleboro, Massachusetts and hope to one day pursue a career in physical therapy. I’ve always taken an interest in global citizenship, and my overall ambition is to practice physical therapy in third world countries.

I hope to use this upcoming traveling experience to South Africa to further develop my interest in global issues occurring around the world. I want to help in any and every way that I can! As president of Quinnipiac’s new organization, Global Citizen’s Board, I hope to become even more aware about these ongoing issues world wide, as well as increase the awareness of those around me.

I hate to admit it, and my bank account reminds me every day… but I’ve got the travel bug. I sacrificed a lot in order to study abroad in Australia my sophomore year, and I’m continuing to work very hard to be able to participate in this service trip. I believe that seeing new parts of the world is one of the only ways you can REALLY understand it, so I’ve made traveling a huge priority in my life. 527466_10150739974098088_26913862_n

I am BEYOND excited to be participating in Quinnipiac’s first ever winter alternative break trip to South Africa. Fortunate enough to be traveling with an incredible and dedicated group of individuals, I cannot WAIT to get started and make a difference! It’s always been a dream of mine to travel to South Africa, and being able to do it in this manner is absolutely mind-blowing. Not only do we have the opportunity to assist those in need around us, but we’re able to do it while taking in new environments and new cultures, all while bettering ourselves as individuals.

Thank you for visiting our blog page! Stay tuned to hear about our upcoming events, fundraisers and quickly-approaching journey!!

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