Meet the Students: Taylor Healey

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Healey and I will be using this blog to document my experiences as I travel halfway around the globe with 11 of my classmates to South Africa. I am currently a senior at Quinnipiac University and a member of my school’s Women’s Soccer team. Every season, our team reaches out to different local communities and try and make as much of a difference as we can. And now, I am lucky enough to reach out to a larger community and help make a difference to the many children we get to work with throughout out time in South Africa.

 I went to a small, all girls Catholic school, Lauralton Hall, in Connecticut who’s Mission Statement is “to foster a community atmosphere enriched by the Mercy tradition and to educate young women to pursue knowledge, recognize truth and respond to the needs of others.”

This idea was instilled in every class, every community service project, and on every banner in the hallway. I was taught for four years to put other’s needs first- always lend a helping hand. I have taken this mission statement, my experiences in all my community service projects, and the people I’ve help and carried them with me to this day.

I have played soccer for as long as I can remember and have witnessed the bonds, memories, and unforgettable experiences the game can produce. I was able to travel to Germany for the Women’s World Cup two years ago and witness the love of the sport and how it brought people from all around the world to one place. It was a whole new world for me there, experiencing it as an “outsider”. That trip was the spark to my interest of traveling around the world to places I have never been for the lessons to be learned and for my love of soccer.

I learned that at the school we will be working at, only the boys play soccer and the girls take hip hop classes. My main focus on this trip is to share my passion and love for the sport to the girls and give them another type of outlet in their lives. Soccer is always my release when things get tough and knowing the I can provide something to make it even the slightest bit easier would make a difference.

I have nothing but excitement for this trip, knowing that something I do will help someone in one way or another. I look forward to getting to know my classmates better, meeting and bonding with the children we work with, but mostly getting to know myself in a different way and change my perspective on life and how I live it.

Until next time…

“There is no wrong way to perform an act of Kindness” -Pat It Forward


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