A Passion for People

Jan2014MeetTamarin.jpgLast week, we had the incredible opportunity to Skype with Tamarin Simpson, a woman whom we’ll be working with when we arrive in South Africa. Despite the fact that she had to wake up at 3:00 am her time in order to chat with us, she maintained such a motivational and inspirational attitude.

Tamarin explained how our work will be so beneficial, especially because of the time frame. See, we’re heading on this journey while the village children will be on holiday break from their classes. This is a prime opportunity for them to get involved in violence, drugs, etc. What we’re trying to accomplish, through hosting a camp (soccer, hip-hop dance, arts/crafts), is proving to them that they can enjoy themselves  without heading down a self-destructive path. We can only hope they take as much away from all of this as we do.

Tamarin has such a passion for people. She clearly has dedicated her entire heart and soul to the Tippy Toes Foundation and to all of the members in the surrounding community. I am incredibly excited to learn from her, and to watch her interact with the children. I know we all can utilize her knowledge and passion in order to create more meaningful relationships with the children. In our upcoming meetings, we’ll learn more about the camp we will be counseling at, and we’ll be brainstorming ideas about activities we should do with the children.

Our goal is that at the end of each day of camp, each child will be able to take something home with them: something meaningful.

It’s this passion, and this meaning, that will remind the children of the time shared with us. This time will be enjoying themselves, bettering themselves, all while staying away from the dark alleys they may have headed down.

I’m anxious to hear my fellow peers’ ideas about what kind of activities we can complete that will leave such an impact on these children. We will aim to create an incentive in these children to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, our connections with them prove inspiring and prominent. Yet these children’s connections with one another may be even more vital. Year after year, holiday after holiday, we cannot be there for them all. But these kids will always have each other. Hopefully, we can create a cohesive, positive environment and positive energy amongst these classmates. And hopefully, it’s one that will carry on for long after we leave Cape Town.


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