Notions and Questions

In our last meeting as a group, we had the privilege of partaking in a Skype interview with one of the most selfless women I have even yet to meet.  Her name is Tamarin, and she will be with us along our journey when we arrive and as we work with the children at the Vaatjie Primary School.

Although it was only a few minutes after 9 p.m. eastern, Tamarin had graciously woken up at 3 a.m. to talk with us.  Immediately she set the tone as being one of comfort and good humor, and I instantly felt at ease and very eager to meet her in person.  She informed us that we will be working with children ranging in ages from 3rd – 6th grade, promoting strong self esteem and sustainability.  Soccer practices are generally held for the young boys while the girls take part in dance practices.  Of course going into a foreign country I have many questions, but I would LOVE to see more of the girls being able to partake in soccer and the boys do some dancing as well!may2013_vaatjie_soccer_7

She also informed us of some of the more somber aspects of what we will see along our journey.  I am still a bit nervous as to how we will all be perceived, but all of our intentions are nothing but the best.  I’m just looking to help in any way that I can, and influence as many of the younger children as I can along the journey. Who knows? Maybe one of the kids will help me in ways I have yet to experience.

Yes, my mind is racing, but by enthusiasm is racing even faster.  Continuing to count down the days…

– Anthony


One Comment on “Notions and Questions

  1. Hey Anthony, I love your passion and eagerness to learn about a new culture which is heart warming! We have tried to get the girls to play soccer but the boys don’t really pass to them and they hate running so they stopped LOL. We actually have some keen break dancers with the boys but they rather want to play soccer but I love how you are thinking! You will be perceived as most of us are, as rich white people, I have changed that perception through time and in building trust as have Quinnipiac students before you. They love your accent and energy and often appreciate time more than material possessions! Looking forward to meeting you, take care Tam x

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