A Little Closer Everyday

When skyping with Tamarin, we learned about the areas that we will be visiting and spending most of our time implementing our service activities. She told us that the kids that we will be working with come from poor conditions and how excited they get once Quinnipiac students arrive to interact with them. These kids lack an outlet for their imagination and part of the summer camp will be to engage them in creative activities. Therefore, we hope through our games and crafts, we will be able to accomplish this goal.

Tamarin is a very inspiring woman as she truly is invested in the Tippy Toes Foundation. After talking with Tamarin it has made me even more excited for this journey as she has spread her compassion and desire to help the children and the community.

nelson-mandela-1We had a very insightful conversation pertaining to Nelson Mandela, one of South Africa’s most influential leaders. The condition of his health concerns many as people are unsure as what will happen to the country once he passes. Although he is currently not enrolled in office, he still serves as a dominant figure for their society as he played a major role in getting South Africa to where it is now after apartheid. Various news reports have declared that there is little time for Mandela to live and it will be interesting to see how such a tragic loss will impact the country.

In order to accomplish our goals, fundraising will be a crucial element to our success as we wish to purchase more supplies and games for the children. With this being said, I have started to develop multiple fundraisers. One fundraiser that we hope to have in place within the next month deals directly with a jewelry vendor named Armed and Readi. Specific details are still being finalized. As an active member of the panhellenic and greek community here at QU, I as well as others on our trip, have reached out to them for further funding for the trip. They are collecting “change-for-change” during their weekly meetings to help support our cause.

After this past skype session with Tamarin and further progress on my fundraising, I am becoming even more excited to embark on this adventure.


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