Fundraising to raise fun!

With our third meeting now in the books, the experience comes closer and closer. The phrase “less than a 100 days” was tossed around the meeting and that is how close it is.

Like always, the learning continues about South Africa, and thanks to Professor Gallay, we now have a more in depth understanding of the history.

With many events, people only hear of the main leader and in this case, we have only heard of Nelson Mandela. However, Mandela was not the only one involved in this revolution. The African National Congress brought together Mandela and other like-minded black South Africans. Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu, all worked together with Mandela in the fight to resolve conflict. So the learning continues for me as I learn more and more about the history and the influential people in the history of the South Africa.

Another big event in South Africa’s history was the effect rugby had on it.


There were many disputes and protests in New Zealand over the Springboks going to New Zealand in 1981 because of the South Africans government policy of Apartheid. It was a time when many countries around the world were hearing about the negative things the government in South Africa had been doing and the countries were reacting by either bridge building or boycotting.  New Zealand Rugby Union decided to bridge build and continue with the tour and not let politics influence the sport. At the time, the New Zealand Prime Minister also supported this view that New Zealand was a free and democratic country and that politics stay out of it. There were many disruptions in games and protest groups against these “racist” tours, however they continued to play. It had a huge impact on both countries, but inevitably, it led to significant change in South Africa, with the release of Mandela and electing him as president. The events that happened in New Zealand are said to have certainly played a positive part in this change.


Now I write all about this because the rugby rivalry between the New Zealand All Blacks, and the South African Springboks continues to this day. On Saturday, I watched the Rugby Championship final game between the two teams. New Zealand won in a very close game. The more important thing is that it was played in South Africa in front of over 60,000 people, blacks, whites and coloreds- but also members of both teams were from different races also. So this just shows how far the country of South Africa has come.

Anyway, enough of my history lesson. Throughout our third meeting, we also tossed around many fundraising ideas and are putting in place ways to fundraise to make money to fund the projects that we will be doing with these kids in January.

Two free tickets to the QU Yale Ice Hockey game will be raffled off, many sponsored nights at restaurants around the Hamden area will be going ahead, along with many generous donations.

So for more information on these fundraising activities, like us on Facebook, or you can donate directly.

That’s all from me for this time.



P.s. Photos were taken while I watched the game via my laptop, so apologies if quality is poor.


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