A Deeper Insight

Hello again!

When I look back at my years in school leading up to today, I could never sit down and really get into any history lesson my teachers threw my way. My mind just could never wrap around the events that happened over hundreds of years ago. So when we sat down and had an overview of South Africa’s history, a lot of which has happened in my parents and my life time, it sunk in and stuck more than any history lesson.

In our last meeting, we talked about possible activities that we could do with the children. But I don’t think any of us realized how hard that was going to be until we actually sat down and discussed. I can remember my summer camps and our trips to the beaches, or the movie theater, or endless supplies for arts and crafts. Clearly, that is not the case at Vaatjie Primary School‘s Holiday Camp. We kept suggesting games we could play, but soon realized they don’t know how to play and it might be too difficult to explain; volunteers are limited at the camp and it might get a littttttle chaotic  trying to get through to 100+ kids  ages 7-14.

And then, a fellow student suggested water balloons, great idea right? Nice, fun way to cool off after some soccer games, or trying out new hip hop moves. But then Peter pointed out the harsh reality – these kids go home to limited food and water, why would we try and make a recreational sport out of something so precious and limited to them just to waste it?


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