Update on Projects from May 2013 (Photos)

We recently received an update on the May 2013 QU301 South Africa projects from Tamarin Simpson of The Tippy Toes Foundation.

Update_Oct11_2013__VaatjieLibrary_7 Since the QU301 South Africa students left in May, the library at the Vaatjie Primary School has been used by students. The world map curtain donated by QU student Libby now hangs in the window to give the Vaatjie students a better understanding of the global community they are a part of. The garden at the school has continued to flourish and will soon provide its first harvest to be used by the school’s kitchen staff for the children’s lunches.

Update_Oct11_2013__VaatjieTrees_6The trees by the road that were preventing the school from connecting to the internet were recently cut down. Update_Oct11_2013__floodedsoccer_1

While there were many successful outcomes to last year’s projects, one that has not gone as well is the Vaatjie Soccer field. Due to the amount of rain during the past winter the soccer field was flooded killing all of the grass.

Plans are currently being made for the upcoming projects that QU301 South Africa students will develop and implement this spring.

One Comment on “Update on Projects from May 2013 (Photos)

  1. First of all, it is truly remarkable to see the impact from the previous QU 301 class. The projects that were done must have such a huge and positive impact on the daily lives of these students. It is great to know that a group of Quinnipiac students are making school a much better place for these children.

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