Down to business: Fundraising, Planning and Getting Even Closer

The weeks are going by — scratch that — zooming by us as we begin fundraising and preparations. Now that we know a microcosm of South African history, we need to move forward to create our own personal histories in the context of the country.

Through the whirlwind of school work, clubs and jobs, at the back of mind is always, “Would this be a good fundraiser for the trip?” “Would this make a good activity for our campers?” It’s been on my mind, especially after our last meeting, exactly how we are going to accomplish everything we set out to do.

Essentially, the honeymoon phase is over, and we need to get down to work.

Already, we have implemented fundraising ideas from direct, tangible donations for the camp to benefit nights at local restaurants. The benefit of a town like Hamden is the willingness to help from local businesses. They see the good of what we are doing and do not hesitate to give in any way that they can.

This charity is the first taste of what we will see in South Africa. Some of these businesses cannot afford to give much but still give something. We are learning that something is infinitely better than nothing, and we appreciate greatly any monetary or physical donation we receive.

Every little thing, no matter how insignificant it may seem, brings us closer to our goal. In this, we are able to give that much more to the children at the camp.

One thing that really has stuck with me in planning for our days at the camp is creating something tangible, something that the children can make and bring home with them. Aside from scouring Pinterest pages and “Top 10 DIY” lists, I, personally, want to be as creative as possible, and I think that this is a feeling shared by the rest of my group. We want to make those few days memorable ones and ones that will help sustain a positive influence in their lives for years to come.

We are only there for a handful of days. Days are minuscule on the scale of years, but if we put enough heart and passion into those few days, they will last long after we get on the plane at the end of our trip.

In order to make the lasting impact, though, we need to begin making the plans to do so now.


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