Moving Forward

With January rapidly approaching, fundraising has been in full swing as we prepare for this trip of a lifetime. We have brainstormed many ideas but now as time is passing by us, it is time to start making efforts in raising money.

With help from the QU Women’s soccer team, we have jerseys, balls, nets, and old cleats to donate to the children of the camp. This is very helpful for us considering soccer is an important activity to the camp and the kids. Hamden is very generous to us Quinnipiac students as their local businesses are assisting us in our fundraising ideas. Restaurants such as Chili’s, TGI Fridays, and Peachy Keen are designating a specific date and time to this trip by donating 10% of each check to our cause.

Activities that are sustainable for the children in South Africa are constantly running through my mind. I have been thinking of ideas that would be fun for the children to do during the camp but could be meaningful for them when the camp is over. Crafts such as gardening and artwork with the kids will be entertaining and provide them with an opportunity to use and expand their creative mind. These activities will sustain a positive influence in their lives.

With every donation we make, big or small, it makes a difference. South Africa is going to expose us to a poverty that we have never seen before and these small donations that we receive make a long lasting impact on these kid’s lives. Any physical or monetary donation we receive is significant to lead us closer to making a global change.


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