Work Before Play

Four thousand dollars is A LOT of money.

It also happens to be the amount of money that we need to fundraise in order to complete all of our projects in South Africa.

This money will go towards supplies for craft projects, soccer gear, etc. In order to raise all of this money, we must FUNDRAISE FUNDRAISE FUNDRAISE.

Prof. Gallay's QU301 students Ibrahim & Taha came out to support the QU South Africa students- Erik, Kat, Jillian, & Taylor

Prof. Gallay’s QU301 students Ibrahim & Taha came out to support the QU South Africa students- Erik, Kat, Jillian, & Taylor

Last Tuesday, we had quite a successful give-back night at Chili’s Bar and Grill in Hamden. We raised over $100 from donations alone and about $170 from 10% of customer’s bills. This brings our grand total to just over $300, a solid start! But there’s still so much more to be done.

This week, we are hosting a raffle with various prizes, including QU vs. YALE HOCKEY TICKETS! Other prizes include IXTAPA gifts cards, a Ray and Mike’s gift card, Corner Deli T-shirts, a Ben and Jerry’s gift basket and more. Be sure to stop by the Rotunda to check out the prizes! Any small donation means the world to us, and will bring us closer to our goal.

Again, our upcoming fundraisers will include a TGI Friday’s giveback night, a candy-gram fundraiser, an “Armed and Readi” jewelry sale, and more!

Additionally, we’re still attempting to come up with sustainable crafts that the kids can bring home with them throughout the week. Some of the ideas proposed so far have been kites, popsicle stick photo frames, sock puppets and many more. Sustainability is absolutely key here– we want to make an impact for a lifetime; we want to make memories. We don’t merely want to come into this village, play with these children for a little while and leave.

The reality of this trip is that we need to change a MENTALITY. We can’t just provide entertainment for a week. Our job is to provide opportunity; it’s to show them that they can have fun and enjoy themselves, they can make connections with other kids on these holidays. They have more OPTIONS than simply going down a bad path… they don’t have to submit to violence or drugs. They have PEOPLE, they can interact and enjoy themselves in other, more positive, more healthy ways.

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